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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Video: What's in my Travel Bag + Light Packing Tips

I'm not the only girl in the universe that packs entirely too much when packing for a trip or vacation, am I?  Great, I didn't think so.  In lieu of writing a boring blog post about my "top 10 tips for travel packing," I filmed a quick video that sheds some light on how exactly I pack for trips while attempting to avoid throwing everything that I own into a suitcase.  Although I typically pack more for vacations, this is how I pack a very basic travel bag for taking trips home to see my family.  What are some of your essentials that you must pack with you for every trip?

Style By Lynsee Light Packing Tips:
  • Roll up T-shirts or basic tops to conserve space
  • Take a comfortable pair of flat shoes, a basic black heel and one dressy pair of heels
  • Pack travel-sized hair products and skincare items
  • Bring versatile clothing pieces that may be styled various ways (for ex. a basic white tee, skinny jeans, distressed shorts, a black blazer, a printed mini skirt, etc.)
  • Only take the necessary cosmetics (not your entire collection)
  • Pack a set of hot rollers or only one hot tool

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's In My Traveling Bag?

Now that the spring season is in full effect, it stirs up the desire to do plenty of traveling.  I have always enjoyed spending time with my family traveling to various cities throughout the world and it has carried on with me now that I am independent as well.

When I'm traveling, I typically bring the following products or items with me for convenience:

  1. Magazine - Airplane entertainment (People StyleWatch)
  2. Lightweight Sweater - In warmer climates, it's nice to throw on once I get off the plane (F21)
  3. Passport - I take my ID and passport with me while traveling
  4. Leather Jacket - This is a must-have for airports where it can be a bit chilly (Express)
  5. Eyeliner - I don't bring my complete make-up bag with me but I bring eyeliner to apply touch ups (Milani)
  6. Lipstick - Adding a hint of lip color freshens up my look (Rich Girl Lipstick)
  7. Liquid Eyeliner - I bring my liquid eyeliner to apply touch ups as well (Milani)
  8. Transparent Powder - Since airplanes can be very dry, I tend to bring my powder and other beauty products to freshen up my look if needed (M.A.C.)
  9. Gum - To keep my ears from popping =] (Eclipse)
  10. iPhone and Charger - These go with me everywhere (Apple)
  11. Facial Cleanser - Sometimes, I like to wash my face in between flights to revitalize my skin (Cerave)
  12. Fragrance Atomizer and Perfume - The perfume is simply inserted in the atomizer and serves as a travel size perfume bottle that won't spill or take up added room in my carry-on bag (Sephora/Dolce & Gabbana)
  13. Anti-bacterial Wipes - These are great for a quick hand wipe...especially for those with kids (Wet Ones)
  14. Watch - I usually wear this watch at all times (GUESS)
  15. Mini Energy Bars - For a quick energy boost in between flights (CLIF)
  16. Printed Scarf - If it gets chilly on the plane, just throw a scarf on (ZARA)
  17. Oversized Tote - To store all of my traveling goodies in (JPK Handbags)