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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to be a Stylish Mom: 5 Tips to Chic

It has always been assumed that at some point in my life I would birth a child, but I never expected the journey to be as rewarding as it has been.  Of course, once you take on the role of being Super-mom, it's inevitable that it's not exactly going to be the easiest job, but it's all worth it.  However, becoming a mom doesn't mean that your sense of style goes out the window.  Let's face it, you can still be hot and a mom.  There's no rules to this.  

My five tips for how to be a stylish mom are:

1) Opt for a chic oversized bag rather than a diaper bag
2) Wear clothing that flatters your body type, rather than elastic waisted mom jeans and sweatshirts
3) A little black dress can go a long way
4) Add bold statement jewelry to a basic white tee and skinny jeans for a polished look
5) If you are wearing minimal makeup, try a bold lip for a pop of color

Although bouncing around in workout clothes all day is fun and all, I enjoy the aspect of putting together a polished look to make grocery store runs (because who doesn't shop at Whole Foods in embellished heels?).  Don't get me wrong, I definitely have my off-duty mom days, but it's not an everyday cycle.  And being a Miami-based fashion blogger / mama, crop tops are still part of my sartorial elegance, whether anybody likes them or not.  In 90-degree weather, I enjoy breathing.

My three-year-old son, Taejin, also lives in sleeveless shirts and denim shorts regularly.  He also has a  continuous addiction to hats, lots of hats, and Ray Bans.

What Taejin's rocking:

Hat by H&M
Shirt by American Apparel
Shorts by H&M
Shoes by Nike
Sunglasses by Ray Ban

What I'm rocking:

Top by HMS
Pants by H&M
Shoes by ZARA

Get the look:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Recap

Since this year was my first Mother's Day, I celebrated with brunch at Newport Beachside Hotel in North Miami Beach.  It was such an exciting day for me since it was my first celebratory Mother's Day with my little man.  Each day that I spend with him is special, but today was even more special for me.  Some of my friends joined me for a ladies brunch where we enjoyed endless mimosas and the most delicious spread of fresh seafood, a specialty chef egg station, fresh ceviche, smoked salmon, cheeses, fruit, muffins, bagels, croissants, pastries, rack of lamb, prime rib, and a large array of desserts as well.  I loved every bit of my first Mother's Day!

What I'm wearing:
ZARA top
Target tank top
F21 necklace
ZARA shorts
ALDO handbag
My DIY heels (see how I created them here)

What my son is wearing:
Gifted shirt
ZARA BABY shorts/suspenders
Dockers socks
H&M shoes