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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


While perusing through my closet in what turns into a two hour long journey and a sea of furrowed clothing on the floor, I ultimately come to one conclusion - a one-piece shall suffice for the day.  There is something so refreshingly clean and less exasperating about throwing on a jumpsuit than putting together a complete look that would require even more slashing through my clothes like a Kill Bill scene.  Hence, this Anatomie Doris jumpsuit (also known as my authentic companion).  I'm also giving away a pair of custom Anatomie pants over here.

Let's do this.

On this particular day, I also attempted to wear 5-inch white heels with my hair halfway down in 90-degree heat.  After realizing that I was not Gisele Bündchen and there was no Victoria's Secret runway nearby, I ditched the 5-inchers for a basic black block-heel sandal.  Surprisingly enough, this entire look was the least onerous to throw together and most comfortable to wear while trotting around with my toddler.  Indeed, I did a little jig in front of the mirror upon completion of this ensemble.  The geometric symmetry of this jumpsuit keeps the look modern, while the drawstring adds a casual aspect that makes me feel as though I'm wearing my pajamas in public without the embarrassment or guilt.  Boom.

What I'm rocking:
Jumpsuit ℅ Anatomie (PS. It's on sale right now so be excited)
Shoes by Tahari
Glasses by GUCCI