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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blue Streak

As a 4-year-old living in Miami Beach, life doesn't get much better

As a 4-year-old living in Miami Beach, life doesn't get much better.

Taejin Jay's typical daily routine consists of a 6:30am wake-up call, throwing on his school uniform for the day, grabbing a delicious lunch a la carte, and then it's back home for an outfit change. He's particular about his hats, sunglasses, and shoes. Of course, these black Air Jordan Retro 8's caught his eye at Finish Line because they are versatile and can be worn with any look. In the afternoon, we usually end up roaming Lincoln Road Mall, playing in the park, heading to the pool or beach, and snacking on about six tangerines (he has a crazy obsession with tangerines now). 

What Taejin's rocking:

Shirt by River Island (similar style here)
Jeans by ZARA
Shoes by Air Jordan / Nike c/o Finish Line
Hat by New Era

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Junior

Now that we've officially stepped into 2016, it's only right that I kick it off with my little guy. It's funny to reflect on how much he's grown over the past four years, and developed his own character that I can't even explain. He's somehow reached the stage where he's very particular about his clothing, and how it looks on him. Fitted hats are also a must-have. I've also learned that he doesn't like layering whatsoever - what a Miami kid.

As for my look, I've been loving this Hot Miami Styles olive trench coat for cooler days because it's lightweight and easy to throw on (or off). 

What Taejin's rocking:

Hat by River Island
Shirt by River Island
Jeans by Trukfit

What I'm rocking:

Trench c/o Hot Miami Styles
Shirt c/o Mavi Jeans
Jeans by Bebe
Shoes by Nine West

Get the Look:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to be a Stylish Mom: 5 Tips to Chic

It has always been assumed that at some point in my life I would birth a child, but I never expected the journey to be as rewarding as it has been.  Of course, once you take on the role of being Super-mom, it's inevitable that it's not exactly going to be the easiest job, but it's all worth it.  However, becoming a mom doesn't mean that your sense of style goes out the window.  Let's face it, you can still be hot and a mom.  There's no rules to this.  

My five tips for how to be a stylish mom are:

1) Opt for a chic oversized bag rather than a diaper bag
2) Wear clothing that flatters your body type, rather than elastic waisted mom jeans and sweatshirts
3) A little black dress can go a long way
4) Add bold statement jewelry to a basic white tee and skinny jeans for a polished look
5) If you are wearing minimal makeup, try a bold lip for a pop of color

Although bouncing around in workout clothes all day is fun and all, I enjoy the aspect of putting together a polished look to make grocery store runs (because who doesn't shop at Whole Foods in embellished heels?).  Don't get me wrong, I definitely have my off-duty mom days, but it's not an everyday cycle.  And being a Miami-based fashion blogger / mama, crop tops are still part of my sartorial elegance, whether anybody likes them or not.  In 90-degree weather, I enjoy breathing.

My three-year-old son, Taejin, also lives in sleeveless shirts and denim shorts regularly.  He also has a  continuous addiction to hats, lots of hats, and Ray Bans.

What Taejin's rocking:

Hat by H&M
Shirt by American Apparel
Shorts by H&M
Shoes by Nike
Sunglasses by Ray Ban

What I'm rocking:

Top by HMS
Pants by H&M
Shoes by ZARA

Get the look:

Monday, January 26, 2015

King Taejin + Onyx

It goes without saying that my little guy, Taejin, is my ace and we pretty much go everywhere together.  Everything from prancing around on giant trampolines at SkyZone, hopping on a flight to wherever we end up, to meetings that require a bit of professionalism (he wears his black suit for these), we go together like Anna Wintour and her signature bob haircut.  Aside from the obvious New Year's resolutions that have been flooding the universe, my focus has shifted to simplicity.  Hence, this silky Simply Vera by Vera Wang top, which has become the quintessential top for everyday wear.

As of lately, I've also been quite engulfed in these black jeans that I've taken a chance at dissecting into thigh-baring wonders.  Indeed, they have become the most comfortable pair of jeans I own.  

Pat yourself on the back, Lynsee.  

My son conjointly loves to dress in similar pieces as me; therefore, a few of his favorites come from H&M, Gap Kids or Zara Kids.  One of the aspects of H&M's kids section that I love is that their sizing ranges from 2-4 or 5-7 years, so the pieces last for a lifetime.  He's also become a mini Asian Tony Hawk, so skater shoes are crucial.  

What I'm rocking:

Jeans by F21 (DIY)
Jacket by Express
Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

What Taejin's rocking:

Top by H&M
Jeans by H&M
Blazer by Gap Kids
Shoes by DC Kids

Get the looks: