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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Morning Routine - Get Ready with Me!

Hey honeys!  After much filming and editing, here is my morning routine.  This video includes everything from the moment I wake up to every last detail of getting ready with me in the morning.  I've also included the products that I typically use on a day-to-day basis as well.  I hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's in my Travel Makeup Bag?

Since I was traveling over this past weekend, I thought I would show you what's in my travel makeup bag.  Of course I don't like to take all of my cosmetics with me while I'm traveling, but I keep the essential items.  I also kept all of these items in one of my Glam Bags since it's the perfect travel sized bag.  Check it out!

What's in my Travel Makeup Bag:
Benefit Eyebrow kit
Urban Decay Glide-on eyeliner
Milani liquid eyeliner
Maybelline nude lipstick
MAC pressed powder
L'Oreal Magic Souffle foundation
NYX blush
Foundation brush

Kabuki brush
Cream eyeshadow

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Healthy Habits: The Best Salad You Will Ever Consume

Lately, I've become quite the fan of arugula.  I love the spicy bite that it carries, along with its nutritional benefits as well.  Arugula contains eight times the calcium, fives times vitamin A, C and K, and four times the amount of iron as an equivalent amount of iceberg lettuce.  Furthermore, it contains beta carotene and plays a role in preventing cancer through its cruciferous properties.

There are various ways to consume arugula, but I enjoy it as an alternative to your average lettuce in salads.  Therefore, I whipped up this beauty late last night.  For some reason, I tend to eat late due to my hectic schedule.  When I do eat late, however, I prefer lighter options for my meals.  Needless to say, this salad is by far the most delicious salad I have consumed.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Side note: I don't really like to measure items out, but rather prepare proper proportions.

What you need:
1 square slice of watermelon
English cucumber
Bell pepper (I chose to use yellow)
Red onion
Cherry tomatoes
Cooked shrimp marinated in garlic, lemon juice and olive oil
Fat free feta cheese crumbles
Slivered almonds
Extra virgin olive oil
Dijon mustard
Lemon juice
Pepper to taste

1) To begin, gather all of your ingredients that you will be using to build this wondrous salad.

1) Also, gather your ingredients to mix up your vinaigrette.  I like to make my own because I know exactly what I'm putting in it.

2) Mix together about 1 Tablespoon of dijon mustard, 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of half of a lemon, and pepper to taste.

3) Now, it's time for the fun part: Building your salad.  Place a square block of watermelon on a plate.

4) Add a layer of arugula on top of the watermelon.

5) Place thinly sliced English cucumbers on top of the arugula.  I prefer to use English cucumbers because they have the seeds removed.

6) Add your julienne chopped yellow bell peppers (or any bell pepper that you prefer).

7) Cut up some red onion and place it on top of your pile of goodness.  Place 5-6 cherry tomatoes around the square piece of watermelon.

8) Sprinkle the salad with a small palm full of fat-free feta cheese and some slivered almonds.  Add the marinated shrimp on top of it, and dinner is served! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

The following items are some of my favorite health, beauty, home or fashionable items for the week.  However, the bulk of my chosen items are beauty products with a few fashion pieces.  These are products that I highly recommend or have been using often this week.  I was not endorsed or compensated to review any of the items below.  Mouse over any of the products to purchase them for yourself!

This Studio 35 Beauty product is amazing.  I wear shorts, skirts and dresses often so this is one of my favorite beauty products.  The way it works is that you spray it all over your legs, let it dry for about 5-10 minutes, then put your clothes on.  It leaves your legs looking flawless!

I use this eyebrow shaping kit by Benefit every day.  It includes highlighting tones, dark brow shades, cream shadows for shading, a miniature tweezers, as well as a small angled brush to apply with.  I received this kit from a fashion show, but it's also available at ULTA stores.

For those of you who use heat on your hair often (blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc.), I highly recommend spraying it with this Aussie heat protecting spray.  It leaves your hair feeling soft and doesn't allow the heat to damage your hair.

These are a few of my favorite accessories of the week: 1) Studded leather collar necklace 2) Leopard belt 3) Gold watch


LUSH has some of the most amazing bath/beauty products!  I actually purchased these items around the holiday season and I gifted various items to my friends.  All of their products are hand-made and they smell good too.  Included in this box is a bath bubble bar and a bath bomb.  The bath bubble bar is dropped in the water of a bath and it produces bubbles, while the bath bomb creates a great smelling bath that is really relaxing.  These make the perfect gifts because they are gift wrapped and of premium quality!