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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rainbow Ombre Hair Tutorial with Garnier Color Styler

It's the classic approach to hair that I have always found captivating, meaning less is more.  I consistently kept the exact same hairstyle and color for years, and oddly enough, enjoyed it.  Upon further contemplation, the mundane hair routine went dull after so many years and a solution was absolutely necessary.  However, the whole concept of coloring my hair scared the life out of me.  What if my hair transforms into another color?  What if I don't like how it looks?  What if it never comes out?

I've partnered up with Garnier to share my favorite "Sunday Fun-day" hair using their temporary Color Styler hair color in blue, pink and purple shades for a fun beach day with friends.  Color Styler is a new line of temporary, hair color that comes in 5 different shades and it washes out after a few shampoos!  It's fun to do on the weekend with your girls, without having to permanently maintain.  Check out my latest How-To video where I should you how I get ready for a "Sunday Fun-day" at the beach, with the easy-to-use Garnier Color Styler.

Try out this fun hairstyle and snap a selfie for Instagram!  Be sure to include the hashtag #FunnestGirl and a caption on why you are the funnest girl and you could win the Title of "The Funnest Girl In The World" by Garnier Color Styler.  Garnier Color Styler will choose a real girl to become the Color Styler spokesmodel for 72 hours and she will be featured on Color Styler's social media platforms!  For details, visit the Color Styler website.

*This post is sponsored by Garnier and Style Coalition