Happy Monday everyone!  After my trip to New York for fashion week, I am completely exhausted but it was well worth it.  For today’s blog post I just want to share some of the highlights from my experience from various events, shows, and meetups.  The Timo Weiland menswear show was filled with intricate textures, layers, and bold accents.  Although I don’t write about mens clothing often, I was impressed with this line for the particular season.  BCBG was one of my favorite shows, as the extensive patterns and pairings were gorgeous.  I’m really loving the use of black and white leathers with prominent patterns for this season. 

Here is a video clip from the BCBG runway show as well!  http://vine.co/v/bnjJVerrQJI?fb_action_ids=795597740708&fb_action_types=vine-app%3Apost&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

Fashion Meet-up at the Penthouse of The Standard Hotel NYC

American Express: Fashion Meets Art Party

Tresemme Salon & Lounge at Lincoln Center (MBFW)

The Maybelline booth at Lincoln Center (MBFW)

Timo Weiland Menswear Show at Lincoln Center (MBFW)