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Well, ladies, I have to tell you about my recent rendezvous.  Nothing is more luxurious than high-quality undergarments against the skin because whatever touches your body needs to be:
1) Comfortable enough to wear underneath anything without giving that whole “granny panty” effect
2) Sexy enough to feel like J-Lo when you’re dancing in front of the mirror in the mornings (no, just me?)
3) Sterilized, obviously
In the midst of searching for women’s lingerie with all of these qualities, I was casually introduced to ThirdLove. Upon receiving their Mesh Plunge Bra and Bikini bottoms, I slipped them on to immediately feel like Mariah Carey with wind blowing through my hair.  It was then that I realized I wasn’t in the middle of a desert, filming a music video but rather in my bedroom staring at a mobile fan pacing back and worth.  However, ThirdLove’s tasteful lingerie not only has a luxurious look and feel.  Their pieces honestly feel as though there is nothing on your body.  The first time I wore my ThirdLove lingerie, I had to double check to make sure I was still wearing underwear.

On another note, they provide 1/2 cup sizes for better fit (although I’m part of the IBTC so I don’t quite need any larger sizes).  If you’re unfamiliar with IBTC, feel free to Google it.  Additionally, ThirdLove has a unique app that allows you to measure yourself with a virtual measuring tape from the convenience of your smartphone.  This seems to be a much better approach than having a random salesperson measuring your bust in a department store.
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