The following post is sponsored by Doctor’s Best® but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Creating a healthy lifestyle is most important for me as a single mother because I believe in longevity by taking care of our bodies first and foremost. I believe the primary reason why many Americans are obese, have high blood pressure, or other ailments, is the lack of education in terms of what needs to be done to take care of our health in the long run. Therefore, I’ve made it a priority to make sure that I am aware and able to pass it down to my 7-year-old son. By doing so, I’ve been able to be sure that he’s conscious of what he consumes on a daily basis and why it’s essential for us to remain healthy throughout our lives. Growing up, I didn’t take vitamins as a child. My parents weren’t very well educated in health and wellness; however, it’s something I want my son to be aware of. Taking “pills” has never been something I’ve enjoyed, so discovering gummy vitamins has been the greatest creation on earth for us.

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Supplements and vitamins are part of my lifestyle because let’s face it, there are times where I just can’t eat 10 plates of fruit and vegetables in a given day in order to get my daily vitamin intake. Therefore, supplementing with gummy vitamins is how I maintain. I also recently discovered Elderberry, which Doctor’s Best developed a vitamin for. Let’s just say Elderberry is my holy grail when it comes to stopping a cold before it starts. Whenever my son or I feel it coming on, we take some Elderberry and it’s gone within one or two days. Aside from that, Doctor’s Best has stuck to their core of Science-Based Nutrition and made the vitamins taste SO good.

In all seriousness, I like to save them for the end of the day so it’s like my treat (but it’s not even a dessert). Another major important factor for me is that these specific gummy vitamins are made with Natural Fruit Pectin, and they’re Vegan, Gelatin Free, and Gluten Free. Any other gummy vitamin I’ve found in-store or researched, has contained gelatin or is primarily made of sugar. Doctor’s Best gummies are also developed to address form function needs, which means they are specifically made for certain health concerns. For example, Lutein for eye health rather than taking a multi-vitamin that doesn’t deliver adequate recommended daily amounts for substantial benefits.

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After testing these vitamins out for quite some time, I can honestly say that my son and I enjoy taking them. I’ve also noticed a difference in my sleep, focus, and hair, skin and nails. The vitamin gummies that I personally take include Elderberry for colds, Lutein for eye health, Omega+DHA for heart, brain, and joints, Vitamin C for immune system, Melatonin for sleep, and Biotin for healthy hair, skin & nails. For more information, check out Doctor’s Best gummies.

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This post is sponsored by Doctor’s Best, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.