For this series of The Lexus Experience, I had the pleasure of taking Taejin (my son) to his first tennis match at the Miami Open (courtesy of Emirates). It was such an amazing time for both of us, even so much that Taejin asked if we could come back every Friday. If you missed the episode on my YouTube channel, it’s featured in Episode 13 of The Cut Series.

We rolled up in the all new 2018 Lexus LS 500, and I was highly impressed with the performance of this car to be honest. As many of you know, I’ve experienced many different vehicles so I can spot quality over quantity. Its smart capabilities were impeccable, as it alerted me to drive forward when the traffic light changed.

(Jesus Aranguren/AP Images for Emirates)

Aside from the smooth driving experience, I also had the pleasure of discovering the all new Emirates Boeing 777-200LR aircraft and let’s just say it’s quite the beauty. The newly designed Business class cabin has soft grey and blue leather seating, electric window shades, a social area to grab snacks and a cocktail, removal of overhead bins, and up to 3,500 channels of on-demand entertainment in ice with 700 movies, over 200 hours of TV, and 90 kids channels. Let me just say that kids channels are life-saving on a long flight.

Emirates will invest over $150 million to refresh the 10 existing 777-200LR aircraft in its fleet. We’re very pleased to bring the first of our newly renovated 777-200LR aircraft to Fort Lauderdale, enabling Floridians and sun-seekers alike to experience the ultimate luxury during long-haul flights,” said Matthias Schmid – Senior Vice President, North America, Emirates. With travel season in full effect, this is a lavish addition to their fleet.

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Bodysuit by Fashion Nova

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Shoes by Puma


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