Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall Fitness Challenge with Polar

If you've been following my YouTube channel or any other possible social media outlet, then you may have noticed an increase in fitness-related posts. As winter approaches, we tend to gravitate toward comfort foods and occasionally fall off the fitness wagon. However, maintaining a healthy balance throughout my life is very important year-round. Staying fit and healthy has also become increasingly imperative for me, as a mother, in addition to instilling healthy habits in my 4-year-old son as well. Therefore, I've teamed up with Polar in what I like to call my "Fall Fitness Challenge" to tighten up my body and nutrition.

Recently, I featured the newly released Polar M400 watch in a post where I shared my daily fitness diary. Over the course of the past month, I've been incorporating high-intensity interval workouts (bootcamps) and yoga for 6-7 days per week in conjunction with a healthy diet. What I love about the M400 watch is that it ideally thinks for me, featuring calories burned and allows for syncing into MyFitnessPal. For example, I'll have protein oatmeal and spinach-egg white scramble in the morning, track it in MyFitnessPal, and it will sync my training activity within the app. I absolutely love this feature because it gives me accuracy in terms of calories burned and consumed.

My typical day of eating goes like this:

Steel-cut oatmeal with a scoop of protein

Spinach salad with fresh vegetables and solid albacore tuna

3 oz. wild salmon
Brown rice
Vegetable (green beans, broccoli, asparagus)

Quaker rice cakes
Vanilla roast almonds
Apples and peanut butter
Quest protein bars

By utilizing my new fitness/nutrition program, I have lost 8 pounds and 4-inches off my waistline, in one month! If you set goals for yourself, you can achieve them with determination and consistency.

*This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Polar.