Maintaining a healthy balance is of the utmost importance in my life, as is keeping an active lifestyle.  Therefore, I’m teaming up with Polar to introduce their newest GPS running watch through a typical active day in my life.  After trying out a number of heart rate monitors and smart fit watches, I can honestly say that the Polar M400 offers the most for its purpose.  Originally developed for runners who want a comfortable and durable watch with a sporty design, the M400 also provides advanced GPS and training features that are exceptional for various training settings.  It also connects with the Polar Flow mobile app for easy tracking and recording.
A typical active day in the life of Lynsee goes a little something like this…

6:30 A.M.
I wake up (looking magically delicious of course) and check the Polar Flow mobile app to see how much I slept during the evening, and how restful my sleep was.  The Polar Flow mobile app allows one to view how much sleep was attained throughout the night, and how restful it was.  By tracking my sleeping patterns, it allows me to view whether or not they are affected by changes in my daily life and find the proper balance of rest, activity and training.
8:30 A.M.
The M400 displays a training diary which allows me to plug in my upcoming workouts for the next four weeks, and create specific sport profiles for each type (for example, boxing, circuit training, running, bootcamp, etc.)
9 A.M.
Morning runs are the most effective and favorable for my schedule, so I like to talk myself into going for a long run along the beach whenever possible.  The M400 details 24/7 activity tracking, and allows for setting a particular activity goal with detailed steps and distance, along with intensity levels.
2 P.M.
In the early afternoon, I’m typically sitting on my laptop and finishing up any pending work for the day.  One of my favorite aspects of the M400 watch is that it alerts me when I’ve been sitting or inactive for too long, as an admonition to stay active throughout the day.

7 P.M.
My days usually end with an outdoor bootcamp, and I love that the M400 has a sport profile where I can record interval guided workouts and how many calories burned each session.  
All in all, the Polar M400 is designed for individuals who want the best of fitness and activity tracking, combined with built in GPS and 24/7 activity tracking.  The smart coaching and mobile connectivity options allow me to maintain a healthy balance in my life, with ease.  
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