Two-Toned Blazer and Silk Jogger Pants

“Interestingly, I love power dressing  and combining edge  or masculine pieces  with a feminine flair.” Over the course of two or three days, Miami experienced Winter, meaning unseasonably cold weather.  As a result, the black suit is the solution to any possible occurrence of 49-degree weather.  Fortunately, I am not the type to sway in […]

Lust List: Weekend Wear

1/  Gucci Aristographic Plexiglass Evening Clutch 2/ T by Alexander Wang Bralette 3/ Balmain Pencil Skirt 4/ Giuseppe Zanotti Leaves Sandals It may not be as cold in Miami as every other location in the world right now, but there’s one thing that’s true all across the board…it’s the weekend!  Therefore, I’m teaming up with […]

Here’s Mr. Louboutin

“Don’t be afraid to be bold and be yourself.” White is not only for the mundane pre-Labor Day activities, but Winter action as well.  It’s for the fireballs with nude Louboutin heels, or none at all.   Good day, from Miami Beach – the singular city that isn’t baring a freezing cold tundra in the […]

Guilt-Free Strawberry Nutella French Toast Stack

“I’m sharing one of my favorite breakfast nibbles…Strawberry Nutella French Toast Stack.” One of my decadent pleasures is chocolate and strawberries.  Although dark chocolate is my typical go-to since it’s packed with antioxidants, Nutella is second best.  Yes, it may come with some fats and sugar, but I believe everything is acceptable in moderation when […]

The Essentials

The product of my recent overconsumption of wanderlust has left me with life’s essentials: a basic white tank, skinny jeans, skyscraper heels and a leather coat.  Upon traveling to the arctic (or what America likes to call the Midwest in January), it’s needless to say that I did a terrible job at packing for such […]