In the midst of a frantic week, as I rummage through my entire closet to pack my life away for a two-week trip, the weather is amazingly refreshing.  As we all know (from my billions of blog posts regarding face-melting), Miami Beach isn’t exactly the season changing type of city, and when the temperature drops I must take full advantage of it for obvious reasons.  Hence, a cropped sweater and layered tunic make for a happy Lynsee.  Now, let’s talk about the shoes.
If you’re following me on Instagram, then you probably noticed these metallic lace-up heels made a cameo while I hosted the Glamour / GQ Lookbook Live event.  Upon wearing them for 6 hours, while standing, I realized I could no longer feel my toes.  However, I completely appreciate their appearance.  
What I’m rocking:

Sweater by H&M
Tunic by Macy’s
Shorts by ATIKSHOP
Bracelet â„… Pandora
Heels by ALDO
Bag by JPK
Get the look: