Top Left: Before and after photos from my juice cleanse, Top Right: My final juice of the entire cleanse, Lower Left: Last day of the cleanse and feeling amazing, Lower Right: My first post-cleanse meal.
If you’ve been following me on Instagram or any other social network known to mankind, then you know that over the past three days I’ve been conducting a Fall/Winter juice cleanse to detoxify my body.  Despite the controversy that fashion people don’t eat, indeed we do.  Over the course of the past few weeks, my daily coffee intake amongst other desserts (think caramel french macaroons and miniature cupcakes galore) significantly overcame me and my body began speaking to me.  It was telling me, Lynsee, a detox is in order.
Allow me to re-introduce OnJuice.
Although I’ve mentioned them before, OnJuice is my go-to when I need to cleanse my body of impurities and kickstart healthier choices once again.  Since I would like to categorize myself as a juicaholic, this time around I went with their Advanced Cleanse.  Ultimately, this detox materialized as a way for me to re-energize the body in the purest way.  Therefore, the Advanced Cleanse consisted of four nutrient-packed green juices, one lightly sweetened root juice (carrot and beet infused), and a detoxifying lemonade (also known as the Master Cleanse).  The best part about doing a juice cleanse is the amazing feeling that I receive upon completing one.  It’s partially because it takes more willpower than anything, and the body feels fresh and alive once again.  Believe it or not, a juice cleanse is an exceptional way to receive benefits from the world’s healthiest foods and experience medical healing properties as well.  
If you’re interested in detoxifying your body for the new season or simply have a desire to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, visit and enter the promo code JUICELIFE for 20% OFF a cleanse!
What I’m rocking:
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