A Healthy Balance with lucy Women’s Activewear‎

There are few things more grueling than the process of getting in shape, and somehow letting life happen (because occasionally we all need that plate of greasy french fries, extra cheesy pizza, or intensely rich slice of cheesecake), then having to lose the weight all over again. However, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to […]

Rainbow Ombre Hair Tutorial with Garnier Color Styler

◦ It’s the classic approach to hair that I have always found captivating, meaning less is more.  I consistently kept the exact same hairstyle and color for years, and oddly enough, enjoyed it.  Upon further contemplation, the mundane hair routine went dull after so many years and a solution was absolutely necessary.  However, the whole […]

Staying Active this Season with Target® C9

The curse of constantly staying active over time means that new activewear is undoubtedly necessary fairly often. Well, it’s not absolutely necessary. But there’s something about throwing on fresh workout clothes that gives me motivation to continue working out time after time again. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know […]

Hammer Time

And just like that, we find ourselves wearing crop tops and pajama pants in Miami Beach.  Upon my last rendezvous in New York City, I managed to make a quick visit to the Topshop in Soho to grab the basic essential fashion pieces (crop tops and printed pajama pants of course).  Let’s just say I’ve […]

The Leather Brigade

Upon careful consideration of Fall/Winter wardrobe staple apparel pieces, denim and leather have seemingly fallen into place.  Also known as the “new classics,” denim and leather pair perfectly well together for a sexy and edgy look.  The force behind styling a ready-to-wear street look is to select garments and change the traditional way of wearing […]

My Fall Juice Cleanse with OnJuice

Top Left: Before and after photos from my juice cleanse, Top Right: My final juice of the entire cleanse, Lower Left: Last day of the cleanse and feeling amazing, Lower Right: My first post-cleanse meal. If you’ve been following me on Instagram or any other social network known to mankind, then you know that over […]