Against the Grain

In lieu of going along with the typical “no white after Labor Day” fashion stigma, I’ve teamed up with fresh and vibrant brand, Missguided, for this monochromatic look.  Although I’m a firm believer in taking inspiration from various avenues when it comes to wardrobe selections, Fall/Winter in Miami isn’t exactly grounds for wearing five layers […]

Shades of Blue

After an entirely overloaded weekend which left me with a borderline stuffy nose and barely attainable sore throat, I am pushing forward for a new week in this lightweight blue romper.  Aside from its wearable personality, it’s comfortably as if there’s a layer of air touching my skin as I walk (which may be slightly […]

Simon Lookbook Live with Glamour and GQ

With much anticipation, I’m excited to share an event that I’m hosting this Saturday, September 20th from 1 P.M. to 6 P.M. at Town Center at Boca Raton with Glamour and GQ.  As part of a nationwide tour, Simon Lookbook Live will give an insider’s look on all the hottest trends this season.  I’ll be on-site offering […]

Dressing Up Jeans

Oddly enough, I rarely wear jeans (which I briefly discussed in a previous post) for the mere fact that my hips are wide and I find it utterly difficult find a pair of jeans that fit my frame just right.  Lo and behold, I do wear them on occasion.  Aside from the typical casual affair […]

Lace Cardigan and Topshop

The minimalism of piecing together black and white pieces seems to be a recent unintentional addiction of mine, as it’s been circulating quite often in my daily wardrobe.  I’m also quite obsessed with this Topshop crop top, so if it happens to make a cameo appearance on the blog more than usual, now you know […]

Staying Active with Target® C9

As the end of Summer nears its dreadful departure, two thoughts come to mind – it’s time to switch up the workout routine and my face should no longer melt off when I step outside.  Therefore, I’m teaming up with Target® C9to share my favorite ways to remain active toward the end of Summer and […]


In the midst of sweating off every inch of my body in unbearable heat, I stumbled upon this garment creation.  Although I’ve been living in crop tops and denim shorts all Summer, occasionally I switch it up with skirts of course.  I wore this particular look while out scouting preschools for my little guy (it […]