Let’s face it, women are exquisite creatures.  By exquisite, of course I mean never having anything to wear amongst a closet full of clothes, eating dark chocolate and greasy pizzas while crying over dramatized life events, and complaining about their bloating season every month.  Therefore, I am here to highlight how ladies can simply solve the ongoing battle of what to wear and how to wear it without getting millions of befuddled glares as to why you’re wearing such an elusive outfit.  
Despite today’s pop culture and Instagram fashion, one can actually go through life wearing what reflects one’s style and personality without replicating what every celebrity in the universe has on during the Teen Choice Awards or otherwise equivalent red carpet event.  Whether or not you’re fascinated by the fashion world, or believe that you have a sense of personal style, what you throw on that day defines your creativity (without the judgment from any onlookers or ogling men).
In lieu of sticking to the “safe” approach to what you wear every morning, try stepping outside of the comfort zone and expressing a little personal style by switching things up.  Don’t get me wrong, if you feel comfortable wearing basic tees, sweatpants and no bra every day, then by all means go ahead.  But don’t dress for the rest of the world simply for the sake of what people may perceive you to be.  If you’re comfortable in your own skin, go on with a confident approach to what you wear as well.  After all, it won’t kill you to try something new.
What I’m rocking:
Vienna Lace Top ℅ Darling
Shorts by BDG
Hat ℅ ASOS
Sunglasses by GUCCI
Backpack ℅ Triangl
Watch by Guess