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No matter what the circumstances are, putting toes in the sand is a prerequisite whenever disembarking from a trip to New York City.  Without the influx of unsuspecting on-goers flooding the city streets and remaining buried in the e-mail inbox of my iPhone, it gives me time to take a breath and reboot.  It also doesn’t hurt that there’s a view of luminous water along with the gritty sand between my toes (to make up for the millions of miles walked in the city).  Is it just me, or does anybody else walk endlessly in NYC?  I either end up 16 miles from my origin, in conversation with a born-and-bred New Yorker who somehow has a love/hate relationship with the city, or at the top of a skyscraper watching the sunset as I rest my burning legs.
It’s interesting how some New Yorkers will express how the city isn’t quite what it conveys itself to be at all times – the sidewalks are coated in garbage bags, winters are more dreadful than walking to the Top of the Rock in 4-inch heels, rent is outrageous, the Summer is sticky, and tourists are vexatious.  But at the end of the day (or lifetime), they won’t leave the city.  I’ll give it to ya’ New Yorkers, you’re loyal.  There’s an allure about New York City that keeps me coming back, but I can’t say that I don’t enjoy returning to sunny Miami Beach in all of its sweaty glory.  Any city can be as magnetizing as it wants to be.
Despite my continuous ramble, the conclusion from all of this is:
  1. Explore something new – whether it’s traveling to a new city or simply taking a new route to work in the morning, get out of your everyday routine and try something you’ve never done before
  2. Get up and move – don’t just sit around waiting for life to happen, make something happen
  3. Do what you’re passionate about – you can do whatever you want or whenever you want
What I’m rocking:
Kimono ℅ H&M
Top ℅ H&M
Shorts ℅ H&M
Clutch ℅ H&M
Shoes by Mossimo
Bracelets ℅ Rose Gonzalez
Watch ℅ La Mer Collections

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