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If my frequent flyer miles are anything to go by, I have traveled more in my life than expected (because obviously I was brainstorming my travel escapades while in the womb).  Although the experiences remain unforgettable and I do truly enjoy sitting next to strangers head-bobbing their way to the next sleep-induced coma on airplanes, travel can take quite a toll on the body and more importantly the skin.  It wasn’t until I was introduced to Tiffany Anderson’s Gavee Gold Collection that my skin was constantly wondering where we were and what toxins were seeping through my pores.
Up next on the agenda is yet another trip to New York City, so packing up the essential beauties are a must.  Typically, I rotate skincare products every three months unless I find one that I simply can’t live without.  My current routine incorporates Gavee Gold’s Gold Citrus Cleanse to clear out the pores and get rid of the nasty airplane surprises that creep in through my face (yes I know this sounds delicious).  While airborne, spraying a sequence of the Gold Citrus Mist hydrates my face and offers a refreshing feeling throughout the entire flight.  Liquid Gold Peptides followed by the Heart of Gold Elixir keep me from looking like I’m dying after 3 hours of sleep and walking 15 miles around the Big Apple, with their brightening and tightening agents.  As a side note, the Heart of Gold Elixir legitimately has authentic gold flakes in it.  Finally, a hefty coating of the Royal Day/Night Cream seals everything in and moisturizes the face for the entire day or night.  
Once I finish my travels, I religiously apply the Diamond Cell Salt Polish to remove any dead skin cells that accumulate over time.  The first time I tried this, a layer of dead skin peeled off my face in a refreshing way.  Don’t worry, your face won’t fall off.  It will actually reveal a more beautiful “you.”

See my entire skincare routine with Gavee Gold here: