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A few days ago, while staring at my Macbook Air screen with what felt like fire in my eyes, it hit me that I haven’t been able to see clearly for nearly 20 years. As I grew up, I felt ridiculously unattractive because I lived and breathed in 1/2-inch-thick prescription glasses that went incredibly well with my Reebok high-top shoes (yes, I was quite the sexy beast). However, I enjoyed wearing them because they helped me see the world.

Upon a little YouTube diving, I discovered a video for that I could truly relate to. It all begins with a necessary accessory that serves its basic purpose and transforms into the perfect companion for exploring what life has to offer.

Despite my love/hate relationship with prescription glasses, they became a part of me that I grew very fond of. My glasses were my BFF’s, pretty much. They went with me everywhere and experienced all of my most embarrassing moments, and then some. A perfect pair of glasses can add quite a sophisticated touch that allows one to see beyond what’s in front of him/her. Therefore, prescription glasses make the perfect accessory because they define more than a simple piece of jewelry or added “flair.” has an amazing selection of chic prescription glasses such as Ray Ban, Kate Spade, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Spy, to name a few. With 21 collections ranging from fashion to geek chic, they have an incredible array of glasses for men and women.

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