If you’ve been living under a rock, then you may not have known by now that I am a little health freak who loves everything from goji berries to raw vegan chocolate desserts.  In the past, I’ve posted about juice cleansing and how much I love incorporating into my seasonal slim-down routine but I recently completed a summer cleanse and it’s only appropriate that I share my results with you.
I know what you’re thinking…what about the concept of chewing?  Don’t you miss that?

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The purpose of conducting a juice cleanse is to detoxify the body of all of the junk, alcohol or other bad toxins that have been consumed over time.  For a lack of better words, it allows the body to heal itself.  Although I typically prepare my own juices for a cleanse, this time around I purchased a Love Grace 3-day cleanse (ain’t nobody got time for all of the time consuming juice making).  Their cleanse contains cold-pressed juices to ensure up to five times more nutrients than home juicing as well.

My 3-Day Cleanse with Love Grace Foods (per day):
16oz Purify (green juice)
4oz Ginger Bomb (a great wake-up)
16oz Super Cider or Longevity Tonic (similar to the master cleanse)
16oz Green Sunshine
16oz Green Protein Smoothie or Chocolate Superfood Smoothie or Probiotic Smoothie
16oz Restore

To purchase the same cleanse that I used, go to www.LoveGraceFoods.com.

After the cleanse, I lost approximately 7 pounds and received more clarity along with a boost of energy.    If you are curious as to how to prepare prior to conducting a juice cleanse, go back to my post about juice cleanse preparation.  

Check out my “3-Day Purchased Juice Cleanse Results” video for more details: