Luxury French Bakery Ladurée Arrives in Miami

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, then you may not have realized that French luxury dessert maker Ladurée has been the much anticipated opening on Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road.  Well, my fellow macaron lovers, it’s finally open!  Established in 1862, the iconic sweets maker houses only the most delicious macarons […]

New York Fashion Week: Stylecaster Media Lounge

In an attempt to stay tolerably toasty during New York Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of attending the Stylecaster Media Lounge at the ever so tranquil Buddakan restaurant in Chelsea.  Located at 75 9th Avenue and 16th Street, Stephen Starr’s incredible restaurant was the perfect hub for a media retreat which allowed for a […]

New York Fashion Week with By Misha

Upon my recent New York Fashion Week stint, I had the pleasure of viewing By Misha’s latest whimsical collection through a glamorous journey of incredibly designed pieces.  What began as a viewing of fashion designer Misha Vaidya’s presentation, transformed into my participation in her New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’14 showcase at the Lali Lali […]

New York Fashion Week – Post DKNY

The chaos from New York Fashion Week has officially ended.  Although the aura of the city is missed, there’s nothing like waking up to warm weather once again.  After the DKNY show I decided to take a stroll around the city (which ultimately turned into a 6 mile walk) and stumbled upon one of my […]

A Daytime Date

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!  It’s pretty apparent that a fabulous pair of shoes completes almost any outfit, so today’s post features my new partner in crime (ankle strapped heels of course).  I’ve been loving this style of shoe because it’s classic yet chic enough to pair with anything.  Although I opted for a feminine look, […]

Last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, as in directly creeping around the corner, and one of the most asked questions is what to purchase for a significant other.  DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are not only affordable, but they typically mean much more to whoever may be receiving them because there was some thought put […]

New York Fashion Week Style + Launch Event with Fashom

Although the bread and butter of New York Fashion Week are the runway shows, we can all agree that street style is the driving force behind its allure.  I recently hosted the Miami launch event for Fashom, a new fashion app that allows its users to post photos of personal style and share throughout social […]

Body Action Activewear + Love Grace

Many of the questions that I am asked often have to do with my fitness regimen or detoxification process.  Sometimes my close friends or family think that I overdo it with my workouts, but it ultimately makes me feel better and stay conscious about what I put into my body in the long run.  Staying […]

Top 10 Essentials for New York Fashion Week

Now that New York Fashion Week has arrived once again, it’s only appropriate that I share my must-have items for the unprecedented moment in a fashion addict’s life where one must run around the big city nonstop.  There can’t possibly be enough time in each day to attend all of the fashion shows, events or […]