In collaboration with StyleMeFIT, I have been filming my new video series titled “New Year, New You” which is all about bettering yourself for the new year.  Those who know me know that I am a true believer in sustaining a healthy and balanced life through fitness and ultimately taking care of yourself.  Whether it is through workout out, eating well, staying chic, or inner balance, there is something about keeping a balance in life that keeps me happy and satisfied.

Therefore, the second episode of my series is “Food Swaps: Eat This, Not That” where I chat about my favorite healthy food options for some of those not-so-healthy food or condiment choices that many of us make.  Admit it, you’re guilty of it too.

To check out the first episode of my “New Year, New You” series or view other fitness/inspirational videos then visit StyleMeFIT’s YouTube channel!