As the end of a long Labor Day Weekend arrives, there is so much excitement coming up this week!  I have a collaboration post which I will be announcing tomorrow.  Later on today I have a photo shoot with an amazing photographer that I’m looking forward to.  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@LynseeHeeKyeong) then you can see some of the live posts I’ll put up during the shoot as well.

Until then, I’d like to share a photo diary of my weekend with all of you.  I had a relaxing weekend with close friends and my little man, which couldn’t have been any better.

Saturday, my little man and I went to a cookout right on the water with some close friends of mine.

Grilled asparagus…YUM!

Sunday brunch with one of my girls!

Sunday brunch with endless sushi?  Yes, please.

I spent Labor Day on a yacht at the sandbar, where other boats parked and we just relaxed in the sun!

These are some of the looks I put together for my shoot today.