Happy Friday, guys and dolls!  I love trying out new products, and these items are some of my favorites at the moment.  Some of them were featured in previous posts from MyGlam bag or other posts as well.    I highly recommend the following items, however.

I love this nail polish as an added layer to the tip of another color (i.e. neon yellow or bubble gum pink)

This item came in my Cosmopolitan Splash 2012 gift bag and it’s great for my hair when I’m at the beach or by the pool because I can add some moisture to my hair quickly

This lip gloss was featured in myGlam bag yesterday, but it’s my new favorite go-to beauty item.  It keeps my lips moist throughout the day and feels amazing.  

This item was gifted, but it’s the BEST full body exfoliation product that I’ve ever tried.  It’s handmade, smells delicious, and makes my skin feel smooth after applying it.