Happy Friday my loves!  For today’s post, I thought I would introduce you to some of my favorite indulgences.  Indulgences don’t necessarily have to be sweets or food, but anything that feels special to you or makes you feel great!  What are some of your indulgences?

Honey + Brie + Almonds (warmed up) with Water Crackers – My friend Sasha introduced me to this wonder and words can not describe how delicious this combination is.  You MUST try this!

Bubble Bath + Wine or Champagne – After all of the hard work or workouts, I love to just relax in a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine or champagne.  It may seem small, but I appreciate this time so much.

Mask of Magnaminty – At night, I love to apply this mask by LUSH because it makes my skin feel amazing afterwards.  It also smells delicious!

DIY Leg or Body Scrub – Applying a leg or body scrub can make your skin feel silky smooth afterwards!  I highly suggest doing this once a month or prior to the summer season.