For today’s Friday Favorites, I decided to do something a little different by showcasing some of my favorite products for the week but also how these products became some of my beauty secrets.  Plenty of ladies have items that they use as quick tips or shortcuts to achieving something convenient in terms of beauty.  These are items used on a consistent basis for me and I will explain why.

1) Toothpaste – Oddly enough, I dab a little toothpaste on a blemish when it surfaces because it helps dry it up quickly.

2) Scotch Tape – When I am creating a very dramatic smokey eye for an event or night time look, I achieve this by lining the edge of my brow bone with scotch tape to give it definition.

3) Baby Oil – When I need to clean up the edge of my eye makeup or any eyeshadow fall out from applying, I take a Q-tip and it quickly comes off with a small amount of baby oil.

4) 100% Acetone – Ever since the first time I used this, I won’t ever go back to the typical nail polish remover.  This removes nail polish much quicker and more effectively.

5) Band-Aids – If I want to add detail or lining to my nails, I use these to create a nice clean line.