Have any of you seen one of the latest trends – french tip heels?  I am in love with the appearance of them, but not so much with the cost!  If you’re like me and you don’t feel like dropping $200 for french tip heels, then this DIY is perfect for you.  I stopped by my local craft store (Michael’s) and picked up the following items:

1 bottle of acrylic paint (color of choice)
1 can of acrylic protective spray
Painter’s tape

Grab any pair of high heels that you would like to “make over” with a french tip look.

Create a cap at the tip of your heels using painter’s tape to outline, and firmly press along the edges to secure the lining.

Using a small paint brush, carefully paint a few coats of acrylic paint within the outlined area of your shoes.  Let it dry for 25 minutes.

Spray a thin layer of acrylic protective spray over the french tip.

It only cost me about $15 to complete these beauties.  I love the chic look that they give these shoes!