Now that the spring season is in full effect, it stirs up the desire to do plenty of traveling.  I have always enjoyed spending time with my family traveling to various cities throughout the world and it has carried on with me now that I am independent as well.

When I’m traveling, I typically bring the following products or items with me for convenience:

  1. Magazine – Airplane entertainment (People StyleWatch)
  2. Lightweight Sweater – In warmer climates, it’s nice to throw on once I get off the plane (F21)
  3. Passport – I take my ID and passport with me while traveling
  4. Leather Jacket – This is a must-have for airports where it can be a bit chilly (Express)
  5. Eyeliner – I don’t bring my complete make-up bag with me but I bring eyeliner to apply touch ups (Milani)
  6. Lipstick – Adding a hint of lip color freshens up my look (Rich Girl Lipstick)
  7. Liquid Eyeliner – I bring my liquid eyeliner to apply touch ups as well (Milani)
  8. Transparent Powder – Since airplanes can be very dry, I tend to bring my powder and other beauty products to freshen up my look if needed (M.A.C.)
  9. Gum – To keep my ears from popping =] (Eclipse)
  10. iPhone and Charger – These go with me everywhere (Apple)
  11. Facial Cleanser – Sometimes, I like to wash my face in between flights to revitalize my skin (Cerave)
  12. Fragrance Atomizer and Perfume – The perfume is simply inserted in the atomizer and serves as a travel size perfume bottle that won’t spill or take up added room in my carry-on bag (Sephora/Dolce & Gabbana)
  13. Anti-bacterial Wipes – These are great for a quick hand wipe…especially for those with kids (Wet Ones)
  14. Watch – I usually wear this watch at all times (GUESS)
  15. Mini Energy Bars – For a quick energy boost in between flights (CLIF)
  16. Printed Scarf – If it gets chilly on the plane, just throw a scarf on (ZARA)
  17. Oversized Tote – To store all of my traveling goodies in (JPK Handbags)