Whether it includes the addition of a simple cocktail ring to an evening outfit or a bold statement necklace to a white blouse, accessorizing can really complete your look.  For today’s post, I’ve featured my top 10 accessories that every girl should own.  They don’t have to necessarily be the exact same pieces, but these will just give you a general idea.  Check them  out!

1) Gold Watch – Adding a gold watch to your look can give an overall classic appeal

2) Bold Bangles – These jewel-toned bangles can make a neutral outfit look great with a simple pop of color (ex. maxi skirt and a white tank)

3) Neon Accessories – Neon accents are very trendy right now and they can really complete your look

4) Studs – Studs, spikes or anything including embellishments can be added to a simple white blouse to make it look a little edgy

5) Mint Studs – Mint or pastel colors are another trend for the Spring season and these studded earrings are a great touch to denim tops, blouses, or florals

6) Statement Necklace – These look great over crew neck tops or a button-up blouse

7) Cocktail Ring – Adding one of these babies to an evening look can turn your work outfit to a happy hour outfit

8) Bright Skinny Belt – Adding a skinny belt to cinch up a dress, top or high-waisted pants gives you a more polished look

9) Feminine Accent – Grab at least one accessory that is romantic or truly feminine to lighten up your outfit

10) Green or Blue Toned Jewelry – Yet another trend for the upcoming season and it is gorgeous!