Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekend Looks for 3 Different Style Types

As the weekend is approaching, so are the endless options of what to wear for every occasion.  Everybody has their own style; therefore, I have dedicated today's post to outlining three different looks for these style types.  If your style type is eclectic, you can switch out the following looks as they apply to occasions or events throughout the weekend.  Enjoy!

Feminine and Trendy - This look is perfect for those who love delicate fabrics, spring floral prints, follow trends, and enjoy girlie accents.  The ideal occasion: Brunch with the ladies.  Where the items are from: F21 blouse, shorts and bracelet | ALDO heels and bag.

Effortlessly Chic - Although rocking high heels is great, sometimes a girl just wants to throw on a pair of flats too.  It could also be wearable with a pair of denim shorts, as shoulder bags accentuate the length of shorts as well.  This outfit is applicable to those who enjoy a bit more of a casual look, need something cute yet fashionable for school, or on-the-go moms.  The ideal occasion: Daytime shopping or to the local market.  Where the items are from: ZARA top | F21 distressed jeans | Vintage shoulder bag | Target flats | F21 accessories.

Bold and Edgy - For the daring, this look can make you stand out in any setting.  Pair a high-peaked shoulder top with a statement necklace, sequin shorts and colorful pumps and you are set.  The ideal occasion: Girl's night out or a late dinner date.  Where the items are from: ZARA top | ZARA necklace | Arden B earrings | Guess watch | Express shorts | Boutique pumps.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Trend: Florals and Neon

To be honest, I rarely ever wore floral print until last year.  My style has transformed to a mix of feminine yet edgy chic.  Therefore, I have really embraced floral prints during the Spring and Summer seasons because they are so delicate.  I also tend to wear plenty of rompers, skirts, and shorts when it's warm out.  Rompers are not only comfortable, but they can be paired with anything from blazers to a denim vest (depending on what type of romper).  For today's look of the day, I've paired this Urban Outfitters romper with some pink neon heels.  I like the contrast of delicate prints with something a little more bold and edgy.  Let me know what you think!

What I'm wearing:
Urban Outfitters romper
ALDO heels
F21 earrings
Guess watch

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rows of Bows

Happy Monday, beauties (and gents)!  It was another weekend in Miami filled with beautiful weather, so I can't complain too much about my weekend.  For today's OOTD, I'm showcasing this steal that I found at the local vintage market that I mentioned in previous posts before.  On various Sundays, vintage clothing or accessory sellers set up shop on Lincoln Road where anybody can come and purchase items.  There is one that I always stop by and she has some really great finds!  I snagged this one awhile ago, but haven't pulled it out of my closet until now.  It's a black blazer with light pink bow print throughout the outer layer of it.  I paired it with a chiffon black top and my favorite little sequin shorts.  The shoes are from ALDO; however, I removed the generic shoelaces and added my own special touch with some black chiffon pieces. 

What I'm wearing:
Vintage blazer
Arden B blouse
Express shorts
F21 accessories
ALDO booties with custom finish
Sally Hansen nail polish

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites: Top 10 Accessories Every Girl Should Own

Whether it includes the addition of a simple cocktail ring to an evening outfit or a bold statement necklace to a white blouse, accessorizing can really complete your look.  For today's post, I've featured my top 10 accessories that every girl should own.  They don't have to necessarily be the exact same pieces, but these will just give you a general idea.  Check them  out!

1) Gold Watch - Adding a gold watch to your look can give an overall classic appeal

2) Bold Bangles - These jewel-toned bangles can make a neutral outfit look great with a simple pop of color (ex. maxi skirt and a white tank)

3) Neon Accessories - Neon accents are very trendy right now and they can really complete your look

4) Studs - Studs, spikes or anything including embellishments can be added to a simple white blouse to make it look a little edgy

5) Mint Studs - Mint or pastel colors are another trend for the Spring season and these studded earrings are a great touch to denim tops, blouses, or florals

6) Statement Necklace - These look great over crew neck tops or a button-up blouse

7) Cocktail Ring - Adding one of these babies to an evening look can turn your work outfit to a happy hour outfit

8) Bright Skinny Belt - Adding a skinny belt to cinch up a dress, top or high-waisted pants gives you a more polished look

9) Feminine Accent - Grab at least one accessory that is romantic or truly feminine to lighten up your outfit

10) Green or Blue Toned Jewelry - Yet another trend for the upcoming season and it is gorgeous!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY: Facial Scrub

As I mentioned in my Snapshot blog post, I would be posting my recipe for the DIY facial scrub that I used over the weekend.  It's made from everyday ingredients that you most likely have somewhere in your kitchen (and you could even eat it if you desire to do so)!  This will last for multiple facials as well, so you can keep it for future use.

What's in the scrub:
1 cup of brown sugar
1 Tablespoon of half-and-half
1/2 cup of honey
Optional: Thinly sliced cucumbers for your eyes

How to put it all together:
1) Gather all of your ingredients together.

2) Pour honey into a bowl containing brown sugar.

3) Add half-and-half.

4) Stir the mixture to form a consistent mixture. 

5) Lie down in your robe or sit in a nice bubble bath, place some cucumbers over your eyes (to brighten them up), light some candles, and relax!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Golden Pants

Ever since I saw the Balmain Spring 2012 runway looks, I've been inspired to incorporate metallic into my wardrobe and my long running search for the perfectly structured gold pants has come to an end.  I found the last pair of these gold jeans at ZARA...and they just so happen to be my size!  I love adding standout items to my look.  Therefore, I added a deep purple blouse along with a structured blazer with gold lace overlay and leather trimming.  I kept neutral shoes since the outfit is already bold enough.  Let me know what you think!

What I'm wearing:
Bebe by Kardashian blazer
Express blouse
ZARA jeans
Guess gold watch

Monday, March 19, 2012

Snapshot: My Weekend

Miami had gorgeous weather over the weekend, so I spent plenty of time outdoors.  There's so much going on in the city with FUNKSHION Fashion Week, Miami International Fashion Week, and Winter Music Conference coming up.  For today's post, I thought I'd share some snapshots of my weekend.  You can think of it as if you experienced all of it with me, as my road dog.

Since it was so beautiful outside, I threw on this floral romper with a striped belt and some sandals.  I love the mixing of floral and stripes.

On Saturday night, I just wanted to relax so I decided to treat myself and my little man to a spa night.  I put together a DIY facial scrub (which I will release the recipe for in a later post this week) and put some cucumbers on my eyes.  We both threw our robes on and relaxed!  It was so cute seeing him in his little robe with cucumbers on his eyes.  Surprisingly, he sat still long enough for me to snap a photo.

On Sunday, I was browsing through Anthropologie and stumbled upon these inspirational beauties.  This store is filled with feminine items, perfect for fashion or home decor.

As I was flipping through a magazine, I fell upon this quote: "Take your pleasure seriously."  It made me stop and realize that sometimes you just have to relax, even when you are in the midst of chaos and busy with work, etc.
In continuation with my previous photo, I did just that...I took my pleasure of devouring these mini cupcakes with a glass of bubbly, very seriously.  It was heavenly to say the least =]
My recent dinner menu has consisted primarily of brown rice sushi or salmon nigiri.  I am a big fan of sushi!  It's so fresh and deliciously light.

Starbucks.  Ahhh Starbucks, how I love you so.  We have a strong relationship, as Starbucks keeps luring me in from day to day.  I either grab a cup of this Bold Joe or a Grande Iced Coffee with soy and 3 packets of Equal (yes, it's that precise).

I listen to Louise Hay's "101 Power Thoughts" almost every morning to get me in the mind set for the day.  Staying positive and motivated is what drives me to accomplish even more.

I'm not sure if many of you are on Pinterest (if you are, ADD ME >>) Follow Me on Pinterest , but I have had quite the obsession with perusing this site for home decor ideas.  As I said before, I am in the process of revamping my Pinterest has been quite the bundle of joy for me.

Last but not least, I am also quite fond of Mediterranean food.  More specifically, hummus and pita bread with a traditional pide.  Hummus is basically pureed chickpeas with lemon juice and a little olive oil.  It's a great alternative to your typical high-calorie dip.  The traditional pide is a healthier version of pizza, consisting of a light and crispy flatbread with a little cheese and tomatoes on top.  I love it!  
 What were some of your weekend activities?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Favorites: Raving Treasures

Happy Friday everyone!  For today's post, I want to showcase some of my favorite treasures of the week.  These are items that I've been using almost every day, or I'm just very pleased with the quality of them.  For example, I use this body wash religiously.  It smells so good and it has a hint of orange zest in it to wake me up each morning.  I've also been looking for a reliable drug store foundation, since I don't like to use my high-end foundations every day.  I decided to try out the Revlon 24-hour ColorStay foundation, which holds pretty well throughout the day.  The only down side is that I have to set it, otherwise it leaves my skin feeling a little oily.

I found these candlestick holders at a Japanese gadget store on Lincoln Road, which I am in love with.  The store is filled with modern items that can't be found in many other places.  I also picked up a cute backpack for my son (I'll show in a later post).  Furthermore, my breakfast typically consists of Quaker Weight Control oatmeal and it is so yummy.  I recommend this brand and flavor to all of you.  As for the candles I've shown below, I grabbed this steal at Pottery Barn.  They were only $3!  What are some of your favorite items?

What's in here:
1) Clean & Clear Pomegranate and Orange Zest body wash
2) Revlon 24-hour ColorStay foundation
3) Candlestick holders from a Japanese store on Lincoln Road
4) Quaker Weight Control oatmeal in Maple & Brown Sugar
5) Pottery Barn candles

Thursday, March 15, 2012

FUNKSHION Fashion Week Miami - Private Press/Designer Event Recap

Hello my loves!  Last night was without a doubt a great time.  I attended the launch party for FUNKSHION Fashion Week Miami, which was held right on Miami Beach at a unique restaurant/lounge.  For those who aren't familiar, FUNKSHION Fashion Week is a showcasing of various designers ranging from swimwear by Rihanna and Lady Gaga's swim designer Emily Brown to Richie Rich's close friend Pachi Lake's contemporary women's line and many others.  The 9th annual event is a week-long that is typically held on the sands of Miami Beach; however, this year's event has been moved to the Design District's Moore Building.  Check out some shots from the event last night after the jump!

Here is the schedule:

Thursday March 15th 

1pm  University of Miami Art & Design Student Showcase. UM student Valentina Delfino’s whose a gown was worn on the red-carpet of the Academy Awards this by Actress, Missi Pyle will also be showcasing her work.
7pm Angel Brinks Couture Leggings
8pm Cruel Summer by Emily Brown.  Brown’s clients include Rihanna and Lady Gaga. She will be presenting reversible swimwear with daring psychedelic colors, detailing and avant-guard shapes.
9pm Hevin by Pachi Lake.TV Host Pachi Lake and BFF to Richie Rich will debut her new contemporary women's fashion line called Hevin.

Friday, March 16th  

8pm LA GlamRock by Lauren Ashley. The line is known for fusing red carpet designs with rock-n-roll edge.  Celebrity Stylist Victor Price will be on site to style this show which is being presented by charity organization
8:30pm Wet Couture Swimwear by Angelina Petragl
9pm Haiti a La Mode! Haitian designers will present their Mag Art Creations,  Bien  Abye by Dayanne Danier ,  Elmire Desrouleaux For Perpetual. Plus there will be a live costume display by The Party Room Squad and special guest: Jencarlos Canela.

Saturday, March 17th

7pm  Mr. Coleman presents collections by  Jacinta Ligon, Aluna Swimwear, Yasser Faraco and 5 Star General.  The finale will have a 100 models walking in it.
8pm Julia Veli Miami artist and designer, Julia Veli will display her work which mixesecycled materials such as newspaper, canvas, screen, vinyl and wire to making wearable clothes.
9pm  Casey Levan by Evrice Cornelius. The collection consists of exaggerated style lines and controversial perspectives fused with an uncanny sense of mediocrity through color. The line portrays “mythical” vision of the modern day woman