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  • The Lexus Experience: Wynwood with Taejin

    One of the best parts of having a long weekend is being able to discover new hidden gems in Miami with my son. We love to just hop in the car and explore new restaurants, coffee shops, cupcake or donut shops, etc. This weekend, we took out the Lexus ES300h for an adventure. I absolutely […]

  • Skater Boy Chic with Taejin

    There are a few things that need to be said. First of all, it’s Friday! I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like the time went by so quickly this week. Secondly, StyleByLynsee.com got a makeover. Thirdly, I recently started a new cut to shed some body fat and I’ve been filming the […]

  • I Tried Out Olay Whips and This Happened

          Now that the holidays are over and the temperature has gotten back to normal in Miami, I can also get back to my routine. Is it just me, or does the holiday season throw off the whole schedule? Something else I noticed throughout these past few weeks is, that my skin and […]

  • Tropical Two-Piece Set and Aria Jewel Perspex Heels in Miami

      One of my absolute favorite aspects of living in sunny Miami is that the weather can go from 60 degrees in December to a gorgeous 75 degrees the following day. Well, it’s time for an update. After indulging in endless carbs over the holidays, I recently started a new lifestyle plan (I like to […]

  • A New Year’s Eve Outfit That’s Actually Comfortable

    With 2018 around the corner, there’s only one thing on my mind…what can I wear that won’t be disgustingly uncomfortable and will allow me to dance the night away without crying after one hour from blistering feet. This two piece set is the perfect night-out look that is sleek and sexy, and completely Miami weather […]

  • Peace of Mind with Bay Alarm

    The moment I became a mommy, I realized all of the worries that come along with it.  Although I wish my son would stay pint-sized forever, reality sets in that he’s growing up quicker than I can keep up. As he gets older, I have to learn to let him have his independence and do […]


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